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  Since 1947 Castagna Univel produces materials to pack salted meat, cheese, meat, fish, deep frozen food, pre-cooked aliments, fresh pasta and rice, coffee, etc.

Its activity is mainly focused on printing and coupling flexible materials and on a particularly highly developed know-how in absolute vacuum packing and protected atmosphere packing.

Its strong points are, on one side, the production of bowls (with tops) for fresh aliments, on the other side, the design and production of special films.

Our great care of customers means a product thatís every time checked and controlled with artisan precision. Fast and punctual carry out of the order are guarantee, too. Our main line is founded on three main pillars:

- Careful selection of raw materials (our suppliers are all certified).

- Continuous research and experimentation of different solutions, always working for a better conservation of products.

- Continuous update of graphic planning, analysis and research-and-development departments.

Our machinery includes advanced rotogravure process machines, in order to guarantee top level printing quality.


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