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The birth of the company dates back in 1947, with the name of its founder, Achille Castagna, a real pioneer in Italian converting technology. He started his activity in the era of cellophane and grew up professionally with the earliest “coupled” films. (the word Univel itself means “only one film”, the only apparently mono-film which, since the early years after World War II really revolutioned the whole concept of flexible packaging).

In 1968 the name of the company changed to the actual Castagna Univel S.p.A. Today, more than half a century after its foundation, the company based in Guardamiglio (Lodi, ITA), is super-specialized in printing and coupling flexible materials, mainly for alimentary industry. The company has a special know-how in absolute vacuum packing and in modified atmosphere packing. Its strong point, among the others is, the completely independent managing (economic and not only) of the company. Castagna family and its collaborators have been leading the firm for more than 45 years in the name of continuity and professional improvement.

Careful selections of raw materials, progression in technological research and experimentation for better conservation of products, continuous update of research-and- development department and graphic planning, together with coupling/printing processes represent the main operative targets which allow our company to keep in touch with customers rapidly and precisely. Deep and long-term relationships with our suppliers (all of which are certified), honesty and full consideration and respect for ethic laws in the relationships with customers allowed Castagna Univel to improve its quality and become famous.


Warranty of quality is a primary mission for our company, for a consolidated tradition and confirmed care in the challenge of European Integration.


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